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Tyrannotitan chubutensis
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I am a Victorian who is primarily interested in palaeontology, as my deviations and favourites would suggest. I spend most of my time on the Internet, usually on dA or various online forums such as Hell Creek. The only other hobbies I have would be thinking about all sorts of things, and occasionally reading and drawing.

I'm also writing a palaeontology satire called Palae-oh-no:…
Found this on :iconspongey444:'s page, and because I have nothing better to do I decided I may as well do this. XD

Who's your favorite P&F character?:

Tough... the first one that comes to mind is Candace, though, though I love several of the characters for various reasons.

Why is he/she your favorite?:

The reason that Candace is the first character to come to mind is because she's got everything. Not only is she funny and adorable, but she's also a very well developed character that you actually need to watch the show for to fully understand her. In particular, I love the relationship between her and her brothers, and how there's lots more to it than just "annoying brothers". I could talk about how much I love other characters as well, like how funny people like Doof and Lawrence, Phineas and his fragile personality, and how much Stacy has grown on me over the years.

What's your favorite episode?:

I cannot even think of what to pick. And seeing as we've gone ages without a new episode, nothing is really fresh in my mind, either.

What's the funniest scene in that episode?:

Cannot answer due to my ability to suck at picking favourites.

What's your favorite P&F song?:

Lots of songs could qualify. First thing to come to mind is Evil for Extra Credit and Dance Baby though, and they're pretty good songs (though these are pretty random choices).

What's your least favorite P&F song?:

Great to be a Baby. I feel the hate of Agent Doof brewing inside me again... oh wait, I don't feel anything. The PnF drought is so massive that I have no strong feelings about anything right now!:panic:

If you could do any activity with them, what would you do?:

make phinabella canon Probably time travel somewhere.

Why would you do that activity?:

I'm very interested in the past (especially if it involves extinct life), as well as the future.

What line do you think is the best out of all Ferb's lines?:

Probably either the massive speech in The Lizard Whisperer or the part in Cheers for Fears where we see inside his mind.

Do you support Phineas and Isabella together?:

Eh... a few years ago I would've said "OMG YESYESYES", but these days I don't care too much. I'm still quite interested to see where they end up, though.

Do you support Ferb and Vanessa together?:

Never cared. :paranoid: rvmp 

Do you support yaoi and yuri with any character?:

Unless it's played for laughs, no.

What's your favorite Love Handle member?:

Love Handel's got good music and all, but I don't really have a favourite member.

Are there any characters you hate?:

Not really, though Thaddeus was a massive jerk and Suzy is one of those "love to hate" characters.

Do you fangirl/fanboy over any of them?:

Maybe... Blush emoticon

Do you think Candace will ever bust Phineas and Ferb?:

I wouldn't be surprised if they actually decided to break status quo at some point (maybe in one of the specials?), but as of now, no.

How often do you watch this show?:

Mostly when there's new episodes or there's something to analyse... and there's been barely any new episodes. Spilt Coffee yeah. As you can see, the lack of PnF is kind of getting to me. XD Hopefully Disney actually has a plan for something.
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  • Playing: Trancendance: Prison Planet
  • Eating: easter bilby
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