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Tyrannotitan chubutensis
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I am a Victorian who is primarily interested in palaeontology, as my deviations and favourites would suggest. I spend most of my time on the Internet, usually on dA or various online forums such as Hell Creek. The only other hobbies I have would be thinking about all sorts of things, and occasionally reading and drawing.

I'm also writing a palaeontology satire called Palae-oh-no:…
Here are my reactions to Mandace (yeah, pretty late I know :V) and the soon to air in a matter of hours Lost in Danville and The Inator method. Posting now because I feel like it. XD

Mandace: It was a pretty fun episode. Funniest part was definitely the Perry entrance gag, though the hologram stuff with Doof and Perry was pretty funny too. Phineas and Ferb plot was also cool - blueberry flavoured air? XD Also, the stuff with helping Candace only for them to end up not needing to was a nice twist ("BUST YA LATER!"). Of course though, the episode focuses on Candace. Stacy was awesome in this (especially with how she randomly knew about the Rosetta Stone, though the poor girl ended up suggesting Candace using the hologram to see what the guys were talking about XD), but Candace awkwardly trying to be like a man was pretty funny (and kind of awkward, but in a good way). It was also interesting to see what Jeremy acted like outside of when he's with Candace. Don't have much else to say, really. Was a pretty funny episode, and awkward Candace was awkward. :P (Lick) Also, Doof and Phineas have formula checklists? Also, is this the first time Candace has shown some form of frustration towards Jeremy? Not sure if Return Policy counts though. Only thing that would've made the episode even more hilarious is if Candace actually BECAME a man, which would create potential for even more jokes (though doing so would probably cause a getting crap past the radar overload).

Lost in Danville: That was pretty awesome. I can tell Damon Lindelof wrote this. XD I mean, lots of mystery and stuff - it's almost like a self parody of what he's known for! Both plots were pretty good - Phineas and Ferb get a giant capsule which turns out to house the parents of Peter the Panda's nemesis (which they created), Professor Mystery, who tries to claim to be all of the kids from the future (yeah, I know - Phineas and Baljeet wonder why the old man doesn't have their physical features, and Isabella claims it doesn't even make sense for the man to be her XD), even though his wife wants him to not do so and give the hamster with them a break. Meanwhile Doof is kidnapped by Peter's nemesis, who wants to remove him from existence because of the whole thing Doof has had with him. Then Doof berates him for being too mysterious and not talking to Peter about his schemes, which leads into a cool song. Meanwhile back with PnF, the device has a hamster who is allergic to air or something that is keeping the space-time continuum alive by containing a black hole the old guys created, which gets exhausted opening it and begins sucking everything into it, but thankfully the kids realise it needs to disappear, which Isabella further elaborates being Candace needing to be the one to do it. However, things become weird once everything seems to be back to normal - Lawrence is a giant polar bear, and the whole thing turns out to just be Phineas and Ferb looking into another dimension or timeline or something - Ferb even points out the Phineas in the episode had FOUR white stripes on his shirt when he really has three (I actually went to check this to see if it was real - yep, real Phineas has only three, while the one in the episode had four - he has one at the bottom throughout the ENTIRE episode). I guess this also explains why Ferb was awfully talkative at the start. XD Few funny parts, like Doof disagreeing with Peter's nemesis over methods of communication, Mystery at the end meeting up with his parents who explain the entire capsule ordeal and feels good talking to Peter about his schemes, Irving tilting the camera, and Monogram wondering if Perry just gets his briefing only for that. Also, the entire premise itself was funny in itself, especially with the entire WTFery. Man, this episode was a ride, and it was sure a fun one. Also just realised the entire thing is kind of like the ending to Lost (which Lindelof co-created and was a major writer on), where it turns out to just be a peek into another timeline or something like how the entire thing was a dream before everyone died. Some people felt like that ending was cheap, though I thought it fit the tone of the episode perfectly (and as I said I think it might reference Lost's ending). The episode is also very fast paced as well, so you do need to pay a lot of attention as well.

The Inator Method: Was pretty enjoyable! Candace plot wasn't too special, though thankfully it didn't end with a cheesy message and instead just made a joke out of the irony where Candace's multitasking got her in trouble through making a mess while Phineas and Ferb's stuff disappeared. Speaking of which, that was pretty good. It was quite a fun idea, and it was nice seeing a lot of old characters return for this. Of course, we got a "Pluto isn't a planet" joke though. XD Funniest part for me though was definitely Phineas saving Venus for Isabella - Isabella interprets it as Phineas choosing the planet named after the Roman goddess of love, but according to Phineas that never occurred to him, but he just rolls with it. Also, Uranus pronunciation joke that ISN'T "your anus"? WOOHOO (for the record I actually have heard that pronunciation from Buford before)! Also, lol Jenny as Earth and "Phineas is in front by a pointed nose" (is it just me, or has there been a lot of jokes about Phineas' head shape lately?). The best part of the episode though was definitely the Doof plot - not only did it have a good song (and the take that towards Rodney by showing the "inizor" as a knock off was hilarious), but the idea of Doof holding a motivational seminar was hilarious. I also didn't even see the whole thing with Doof using this as a money making scam coming (which was also pretty funny). But I mean, stuff like using Perry as a nemesis in the task and watching everyone just look bored and be all "what is this guy thinking"? Also, interesting that people under the inator's effect actually had glowing green eyes this time around. Also, lol using back up dancers to make a rhyme.

So yeah, lots of Phineas and Ferb episodes have aired, and now we just have one 11 minute, two half hours (including Act your damn Age) and three hour long specials. Speaking of which... we have not one, but two teasers for the next special, "Night of the Living Pharmacists". First trailer doesn't reveal much besides how people get transformed into Doof zombies, but the second one is seriously creepy stuff. Not only do the zombies seem to have a creepy catch phrase in the form of "LOTS OF MEEEEEE", but there's also so. Freaking. Many. Of. Them! It's especially scary in the shots of them all surrounding the kids, and Monogram's desperate "OWCA has fallen!" was also quite intense. Now, all I hope for is that this special shows up on demand, which would mean that I won't have to wait for it to air on Disney Channel and thus have to spending an entire day of school with pharmacists stuck in my head (I've even thinking about ways to get the day off, I want to see this that badly XD).
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