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Tyrannotitan chubutensis
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I am a Victorian who is primarily interested in palaeontology, as my deviations and favourites would suggest. I spend most of my time on the Internet, usually on dA or various online forums such as Hell Creek. The only other hobbies I have would be thinking about all sorts of things, and occasionally reading and drawing.

I'm also writing a palaeontology satire called Palae-oh-no:…
Well, a lot has been happening if you recall my past journal. Moving issue of course is still around, and it's been difficult for me in general really, with more potential restrictions like having controlled internet time because that's all I do or something (it's a long story). I've been feeling quite uncomfortable in my own home, and my OCD is pretty bad. Some things did get a bit extreme, but I'm not going to talk about that (nothing life threatening, I promise). Things haven't necessarily gotten better, but I have at least gotten some medication. Not really sure what to say since I'm not that fired up, but yeah.

Oh, and Phineas and Ferb is ending. Actually not that upset by the news, it kind of feels like the right time for it to do so. Of course some fans reacted much more strongly though, with there even being things like conspiracy theories with what happened behind the scenes and petitions being made. I'd say people should probably calm down, personally, though you have every right to be disheartened that your favourite show is ending. Let's face it though, it was going to happen someday, and things could've been way worse with how it all went down. Last Day of Summer has also leaked in the Philippines and Chile before its June 12th release date, which of course meant leaked clips on YouTube and having the episode's Phinabella moment get spoiled for me on twitter. What I know about the episode definitely makes it seem like a peculiar finale, though. We also have The OWCA files airing later this year, which I must admit probably should've aired before LDOS unless they have a good reason to, since LDOS being the sendoff would be more emotional in my eyes. But yeah, despite annoying Phinabella spoilers, looking forward to the special.
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