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Tyrannotitan chubutensis
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I am a Victorian who is primarily interested in palaeontology, as my deviations and favourites would suggest. I spend most of my time on the Internet, usually on dA or various online forums such as Hell Creek. The only other hobbies I have would be thinking about all sorts of things, and occasionally reading and drawing.

I'm also writing a palaeontology satire called Palae-oh-no:…
Okay, watched Night of the Living Pharmacists in questionable quality via stream. That was honestly pretty scary. I mean, the zombies and everything were just so... ugh. I'm not gonna lie, I even found myself shaking at some points, as well as on the verge of tears at some parts. So the start was nice and all with Phineas and Ferb doing the rubber stuff, and Candace going over to Vanessa's, and Isabella trying to find a way to confess to Phineas. However, Doof's latest inator received a power surge that ended up turning Roger into a zombie version of himself, which then spreads all over the Tri-State Area. The rubber stopping the charge that zombifies you was an interesting touch, but things got pretty freaking intense once the gang met up with the Fireside Girls. Not only did we have really disturbing zombie-Doof-animals, but just as I thought, everyone got picked off one by one, and it was very emotional to watch. I mean, at the start we had Buford freaking out, but then Phineas realises he forgot about Isabella, and has his usual special-y breakdown. It only got worse - Isabella struggles with losing Gretchen and the other Fireside Girls, Buford loses it when they get Baljeet, Doof gets really mad when he loses Perry and then Vanessa, Phineas gives a big no when they get Candace, Ferb sacrificing himself so Phineas and Isabella could go on was wow, and then... then... then... uh, excuse me, I need to have a bit of a break.


Okay... that confession scene was whoa. Isabella finally confesses her feelings to Phineas, and actually ends up doing it successfully. Phineas acts surprised, but before we get anymore, the pharmacists get Phineas... and I nearly cried. Not kidding here. No, I AM NOT! :V Okay, watching everyone get zombified was already hard for me to watch and had me a bit teary eyed, but this scene just punched me right in the heart. I must admit I did feel like the ending was kind of rushed though - it was kind of "hey we saved everyone bye". I mean, I'll give it a rewatch once I can see it in good quality, but it did feel quite short. The Tri-State Area surrounded by the rest of the world being zombies and Stacy being oblivious to the whole thing was pretty funny, though. There were still funny moments in this though, like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's cameos and the return of the pharmacist gag. Okay, when I get to rewatching the episode in good quality hopefully I will be able to give more concise thoughts on the matter, but yeah. Was a pretty creepy and emotional special (don't you EVER say "lots of me", especially in your own voice!), though it did have a pretty short ending once everyone was saved. The songs didn't stand out for me that much either, but I'll hopefully watch it again without interruptions.

EDIT: Okay, some more flaws - they DID take a while to notice Isabella was missing, though I guess Phineas did react appropriately to that. I did feel like Isabella's methodology was pretty contrived as well, even for the show's standards. I mean... wtf? Also, the whole memory thing at the end kind of confused me - again, the ending was pretty rushed.

EDIT 2: Okay, rewatched this and as always, it was better than the first time (I even caught more background victims like Jeremy during Doof's song). Noticed some of the funnier moments as well, like Phineas' freakout (yeah, even if that was an emotional scene I still found it pretty funny watching him panic like that) and Perry's capture. Still was pretty creepy as well (say "lots of me" and I will toss you into the ocean with the giant puppet from Return of the Rogue Rabbit), as well as emotional when characters got "pharmacised", as Joshua Pruett put it as (that Phineas scene still gets me in particular). As for the flaws, I can kind of see past them - Phineas and his friends probably forgot Isabella because the sudden appearance of the pharmacists scared them (and Phineas reacts appropriately too, as I said), the whole triangulation thing probably caught me by surprise, because I now kind of see it as something Phineas and Ferb-y, and the ending kind of made more sense watching it on a repeat viewing. Oh yeah, and since a lot of people are freaking out over the confession, I may as well throw out my two cents - nothing suggested that they actually forgot it (and if you recall the leaked storyboards, they actually DO remember that part, though I must wonder why they cut that part out), so until we get more elaboration on it I'm going to assume that it will be brought up in a later episode (though it does beg the question of how Act Your Age falls into all of this). Songs were still nothing too noteworthy, but they were nice. Wow... such a different attitude once I watched the episode with a clearer head, huh? XD Now time to hunt for trivia, facts and weird TV Tropes entries!
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