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I am a Victorian who is primarily interested in palaeontology, as my deviations and favourites would suggest. I spend most of my time on the Internet, usually on dA or various online forums such as Hell Creek. The only other hobbies I have would be thinking about all sorts of things, and occasionally reading and drawing.

I'm also writing a palaeontology satire called Palae-oh-no:…
So, both Phineas and Ferb episodes that were scheduled to air in November have aired. I actually watched these episodes a few weeks ago since they were on the Phineas and Ferb Star Wars DVD, so these reactions were mostly written then and I've just had them saved until now. So, here we go!

Doof 101: Well, that was... something. I knew this episode was going to be something different, and I'll definitely say it was that. Not exactly sure about how I feel about this episode. If there's one thing that I would've liked to see more of, it was the principal and his grudge against Doofenshmirtz for being the one to end up with Charlene. They teased it and it was very interesting, but it didn't really go anywhere (also I'd love to see how he would react if he finds out that they divorced). I must also say that Johnny was a bit of a creep here - I mean, being that obsessed over Vanessa's break up that he kidnaps her in his monkey-lizard form? Yeah, have to say I wasn't really a fan of him in this episode, but I guess it's good that he actually got some character to him. The actual storyline with Vanessa and Johnny wasn't bad though, especially seeing as Doof got involved with it all. The whole Doof being Vanessa's teacher idea did have some humour out of it and it was nice to see, but it did feel like it was underplayed (which might make sense since when we first found out about the episode from Olivia Olson, she did say that it could be like a potential spin-off show). Phineas and Ferb's cameo was funny with the whole "lol high school looks so cool we get to have people chasing monkey-lizards", though now I'm really curious to see how their school life is. So they get free dress and know other kids, but what do the teachers think about them modifying the playground? XD There's also the thing with Perry being on rest supposedly because Doof is now doing community service as a teacher (okay, more questions - just what exactly got him in the situation to get arrested for doing evil and be forced to either go in jail or be a teacher?) - what led to all of this happening? Oh, and there's also the bugs - what's interesting is that they are based off an early concept for Phineas and Ferb where they were the only characters that knew the whole scale of what was going on in Danville, and would try to communicate with the humans or something. They were okay, I guess. One or two chuckles, but there wasn't anything that special to them (though I liked their designs - very Povenmire-looking). So overall, Doof had some funny moments, and there was some character stuff, but it was all very underplayed. I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a one off episode that featured school, or a potential pilot for a spin-off (or even a parody of spin-off as some have suggested) - the latter would easily make more sense, given that there seemed to be a lot of set up and unanswered questions. Say, speaking of unanswered questions, I wonder what Candace is up to at the high school...

Tales from the Resistance: That was pretty good! :D It was action packed, funny and had good characterisation in it. Definitely my favourite thing in the episode was Candace - even after defeating Doofenshmirtz, she still continued to be very stern and hardcore, even feeling like that Doof could strike back. I just loved her attitude, and it was cool seeing that she accepted her brothers' help very quickly - character development FTW! The whole thing with Jeremy was nice as well, where Candace realised that she could have some time off and let Monogram and Carl take control of things at the end, while still assuring them that she would be around if they needed her. Also, Candace eating ice-cream was quite funny. XD But there was also other characters, and they were pretty good as well! I liked Phineas and Ferb - they definitely seemed to take what they saw in the movie to heart and are having more fun with their lives, and it was nice that they also embraced Perry as a platyborg. Also, the twist with Ferb becoming Ferborg and then revealing that he and Phineas had to fool everyone (including Candace - I actually wonder how she feels that her brothers took such a risky move and deceived her) into thinking that he became a cyborg was one heck of a Rollercoaster - they really caught me with Ferb in his cyborg form, and it was so relieving to see that he was just fooling everyone. It actually makes me wonder if our Phineas and Ferb would do anything like that. Also, was I the only one who thought there was going to be an ironic "I hope they never forget us" moment? Isabella had a nice subplot too - I'm really glad that they took advantage of Pinky as a chihuahuaborg and had Isabella react to it. I know some people were complaining that she didn't have any interaction with Phineas, but I'm perfectly fine with that to be honest - this wasn't the time to focus on such a thing, plus Phineas saves Pinky for her, so that's hopefully enough to get shippers talking. Also worth noting is how she seems to be more laid back than she was in the movie, but now that I think about it she only really seemed to be extremely no nonsense when she met Phineas and Ferb and talked about Buford - so I guess she is tougher and more serious to an extent, but not to the point where she would seem intimidating like Candace, who is struggling more than her with the post-Doofenshmirtz life, plus there is the fact that since there's no enemy she can relax more. And of course, we have Doof and Charlene. First of all, Doof with Choo-Choo was probably the funniest part of the episode, but then we had Charlene still wanting to be evil, and then there was the fake divorce so she wouldn't get jailed with Doof. Charlene then gets rid of Choo-Choo towards the end so that Doof becomes evil again, and she also fights Candace with a bo-staff! Seriously, that part really caught me off guard. She also seems to be good at planning and is pretty cruel herself, given that she was willing to turn Candace and Phineas into cyborgs. Then of course we have Vanessa who saved her family despite not being interested in evil... wait, they got away, so there's potential for more Second Dimension episodes! If anyone at Disney is reading this, I order you to get to work on this now! The songs were pretty funny and enjoyable as well (lol Irving failing with sport), a lot of the characters had funny moments like Carl being weird and the animal-borgs falling for the resistance's traps - it was pretty great overall. I've only got a few nitpicks - Monogram said they lost 26 agents, and since Perry, Peter and Pinky are all Ps, that must be an awkward looking 26. XD Second of all, since we saw Pinky's cyborg parts falling off except for one arm and a partless mouse, does this mean that some of the animal agents aren't actually cyborgs and just have what is essentially body armour? I'm also curious as to how Ferb successfully tricked Charlene into thinking she succeeded in transforming him (also the part where he speaks was funny), and then there's the fact that the one line joke kind of takes a blow because Ferb has another line later (then again, that might just kind of make it funnier :P). Also, Candace in this dimension is still bustier, I see... uh, why are you looking at me like that? This is getting awkward... ^^;

So with these out of the way, we only have one half hour and two hour longs to go for the fourth season of Phineas and Ferb! The hour long specials are what seems to be a season finale and an OWCA themed special, and the half-hour is none other than the most nefarious episode to ever exist, Act Your Age. Okay, an episode can't actually be nefarious, but it certainly seems that way with all of the chaos it has caused. :V

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