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Yes, I've had some pretty troperiffic fun lately. First things first:

I've actually noticed that the My Little Pony fandom could be compared to the light and dark sides of the force (though more like Jedi and Sith specifically). The bronies are what I see as the dark side (oh come on, don't be offended, evil is cool!), going with what they like and not worrying about restrictions, not to mention that is is pretty good at luring unsuspecting bronies-to-be. The anti-bronies would be sort of the light side, where they refuse to join them while keeping many restrictions for themselves. They act quite strictly and are absolute on anything brony, just like the Jedi are with forming attatchments. Neutral people are those who know about the show, but don't care at all. As for where I fit, I doubt I can fit in the neutral bit, because I actually do have some interest, but I don't think I want to actually watch it. I'd probably compare myself to a Nightsister - using the dark side, but don't follow its philosphies.

Also, I realised my dogs can fit in the red oni, blue oni trope. My border collie is very energetic and playful, and loves to go outside, while my schnoodle is much calmer, and prefers to relax inside. Funnily, their collars have their respective colours!

I also thought about the trope regarding some characters. Main thing I did with this is decide to add it on the Phineas and Ferb page, with Phineas as red, and Ferb as blue.

Oh, and thankfully, I'm going to force myself to write more Palae-oh-no this week. XD
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August 19, 2012


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