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Palae-oh-no - Ep 18: Claw and Justice
Sampson awakened in a dark cell, feeling a headache. He noticed his legs were cuffed to the ground, and that Kollin and Corrie were the same.
Kollin and Corrie woke up shortly after Sampson, both looking similarly pained. Sampson tried to see if there was any way he could escape. However, a fourth voice was soon heard.
    ‘Do not attempt to escape. If you do, you will be stunned on sight, and moved to the highest security prison.’
    ‘Who are you?’ Kollin said.
The door to the maniraptors’ cell opened to reveal a troodont with a microphone. As he put the microphone back into its slot in the wall, his features darkened as he entered the cell. His feathers were oddly drab, a dirty brownish grey with no patterns anywhere. There were signs of a wattle from around the nose that was removed, probably from a surgical procedure. He was however wearing a silver badge on the right side of the bottom of his neck, designating some sort
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Palae-oh-no - Ep 17: Beasts Awakened
The movie opened with an egg hatching, containing a strange, gorgonopsian looking creature with eye horns, ten sabre teeth, acid saliva, red eyes and a back with buzzsaws. Suddenly, the movie’s theme music played, with the title card “Permian Planet.”
    The movie then cut to a train, with a voiceover saying ‘Hey, welcome to Permian Planet, troodonts! Time to show you stuff you remembered from our previous failed attempt at an amusement park, Permian Safari. Apparently the guys running this one want people to think that was all fun and dandy!’
On the train were two brothers, one was a kid and engrossed in everything, the other was a bored teenager and was instead checking out female troodonts.
    ‘Hey, you wanna come check out the reference from the first movie over here?’ asked the younger brother.
    The older brother replied with ‘Nah dude, I&
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Xerosha (TAFE draft)
Xerosha produced a projection of the news from a single blue eye, informing their master about the world in a shiny white room.
    ‘Xerosha, turn it off,’ Viktor Richarduse, their master, said.
Xerosha stopped projecting the holographic screen. They were as high as the average human, covered in gunmetal paint, had a slim body including a long, flat faced head and had simple blocky limbs, ending in bulky three fingered hands.
    ‘Get me my pen and tablet,’ Richarduse said.
Xerosha walked to Richarduse’s desk and grabbed his pen and tablet, and walked back, slightly trembling. Xerosha handed Richarduse the items, only to receive another order.
    ‘Get me my coffee.’
Xerosha, still trembling, walked over and picked up Richarduse’s coffee and walked with it back to him. However, Xerosha’s trembling increased, causing the coffee to spill over the floor.
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Act Your Age (TAFE Film Script)
ALINA is sitting down, with a bag full of work and reading a book in her hand. She sits there quietly and contently reads.
DRAKE enters the town square, awkwardly strutting to try and look cool to people, and sees ALINA, eyes growing wide as he finds her attractive. Some wind blows, and ALINA strokes it back into place, which Drake is stunned by, foolishly believing it to be a gesture of affection towards him as he stares at her.
ALINA finishes the chapter of her book, gets up and leaves, with DRAKE eyeing her closely and deciding to secretly trail behind her.
ALINA is standing in line for a coffee, in a relatively quiet café. She walks up to the counter and places her order.
One small cappuccino, please.
ALINA then looks through her purse to get the money she needs to pay for it, except she is a few cents low. ALINA do
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Goofy Evil Scientist Team-Up!
“Ugh, what is it with portal guns? Why can’t I turn one into a dimension hopping device? Wait, I know what I’m gonna do today!”
Heinz Doofenshmirtz was tinkering with a portal gun he bought from Aperture Science, and wanted to turn it into something cooler than some lousy video game mechanic. He decided to turn it into a dimension hopping device.
“Hey, narrator, quit explaining what I’ve already explained!” exclaimed Heinz. He then built it and decided to test it. “Hey, Vanessa, my doonkle boonkle!”
“What is it, dad? Stop being, like, so embarrassing.”
“Papa Doofy is gonna play with his portal gun for a while.”
“What euphemisms? Teenagers and their dirty minds, sheesh, start to learn to take your daddy literally, Vanessa! I’m literally going to modify this portal gun here so I can travel between dimensions!”
“Sure, whatever.”
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My Experience as a Phineas and Ferb Fan
Now that Phineas and Ferb has officially ended its run sans the one-off special "The OWCA Files," I thought it was a good time to reflect on how the show has affected my life and the experiences I have had as a fan. So, let's jump right in and start at the very beginning!
My first experience with the show was back in 2008, when I was 11 years old. Interestingly enough, it was from a magazine known as DMag, which simply had an advertisement for the show with the Flynn-Fletcher siblings and captions next to them. They were "he thinks big" for Phineas, "he thinks now" for Ferb and "she thinks not" for Candace. Since I'm not one to get into new interests so easily, I didn't investigate any further, especially since I didn't even have Disney Channel at my home (plus who likes advertisements, anyway?). Little would I know that this show would play a big part in my life one day. One day a couple of months later my brother and I were watching a program on TV called Saturday Di
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“What? You don't think I can handle ugly? I've been hanging out with you all Summer!”
“Sticks and stones!”
Isabella did not appreciate Buford calling her a “little girl,” even though she knew her friend could be sexist towards her at times. She walked back into the S.H.E.D. and felt annoyed at his remark, but realised that Phineas and Ferb probably had something for her to do, so she felt a little better when she was inside.
She walked up to Iron Man, who was helping out Phineas, and prepared to ask them what they were doing, but the superhero just pat her on the head and continued assisting the boy. Isabella then walked over to Ferb, who was sawing beside Thor working on a dagger and Spider-Man lifting weights. They all ignored her as well, and left her unsure of what to do.
Why isn’t anybody noticing me? Surely there’s something I could do that’s of importance! Isabella thought.
“Oh hey,
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Palae-oh-no - Ep 16: Ton-Zilla
“Lora, you didn’t have to come to university today. I could’ve covered you.”
“I didn’t want to miss out on anything though, just because Feduciucc is gone. I mean, maybe I could finally get some work done now that we won’t be having any of our stupid arguments anymore.”
“Yes, but you’re not feeling good at all, are you?”
“I really appreciate your concern, but like I said, I think I might be able to actually get some stuff done.”
“Hey look, it’s our new professor!” another student then proclaimed.
Like Feduciucc, the new teacher had brown feathers, with a few khaki ones on the tail and wings. He also had a dark orange and blown up five fingered glove on his head, and had two long, shiny blue feathers at the end of his tail. However, the new teacher had a very different physique to a troodont, or even a dromaeosaur. The body was very slim and gracile, the snout was long and narrow and the wing
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Rise of the Aglet
“Oh, shoot. My- my shoelace is all frayed. I- I'm going to have to replace the aglet. I-I always keep extras in hand. Just- just a few. Anyway, here's mud in your eye!”
After accidentally thinking about aglets, the viral video Doofenshmirtz wanted everyone to forget about on the Read My Mind-Inator was replaced with the image of one of the tips of a shoelace. He reached for the button on the Inator and pressed it, only for it to explode.
“I really shouldn’t have put the self-destruct button in the exact same position as the Universal delete button. Curse you, Perry the Platypus, even though you didn’t actually stop me this time!”
“It! Doesn’t! MATTER!” yelled Candace.
When everyone was trying to get Candace to remember the aglet, Isabella, Buford and Baljeet went stood beside Phineas and Ferb. Candace herself noticed the arrival.
“What do you wan- a-a-ag-aglet.” Once Candace noticed Buford’s “I
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Phineas and Ferb: Shipping Meme by Tyrannotitan333 Phineas and Ferb: Shipping Meme :icontyrannotitan333:Tyrannotitan333 3 7 Platypus-zilla by Tyrannotitan333 Platypus-zilla :icontyrannotitan333:Tyrannotitan333 4 0 Poposaurus Comic by Tyrannotitan333 Poposaurus Comic :icontyrannotitan333:Tyrannotitan333 9 11 Meiolania by Tyrannotitan333 Meiolania :icontyrannotitan333:Tyrannotitan333 2 1
Palae-oh-no - Ep 15: Planet Not-Theropod 2/2
The following episode of Palae-oh-no has suffered from severe delays, due to being inspected by the Palaeoartismo Cleaning Department. So… enjoy this when you can, I guess!
“Okay, weird alien creatures, we don’t even know what a ‘bunny’ is!”
Corrie was trying to find a way out of the theatre while Kollin was ranting at people’s claims and Kim-Lee was keeping people away with her large claws.
“Corrie, tell them that we’re endotherms!” Kollin yelled.
“Nothing is stopping them. They all want us to do something that isn’t even anatomically possible!”
Kim-Lee’s attention however was caught by a Brachiosaurus in Jurassic Park. The man with the two kids then said something terrible – the animal was safe because it was a herbivore.
A teenaged boy then said “Yeah, lol. They’re totally lame co
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Palae-oh-no - Ep 15: Planet Not-Theropod 1/2
“Where are we?”
“Look at this bizarre vegetation!”
“I think I need to keep on lying down – my body’s aching all over.”
These were comments made regarding the situation Sampson, Lora, Jeff, Kollin and Corrie were in. They had awakened in a strange forest without any memory of arriving there, unlike anything they had ever seen. In particular, the main thing worth noting was that the surroundings were covered in grass. However, the group of maniraptors soon noticed that they weren’t alone.
“Oh, F’ucc! I just had to be here with you, didn’t I?” Lora complained.
“How about you shut up and try to help us figure out what was going on, Miss Anuscler?” retorted Feduciucc.
“Uh, guys? There’s also someone here I don’t think any of us even know.” Jeff was referring to a large therizinosaur, which was covered in dense white feathers, with the back being a very light grey. It also had bl
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Palae-oh-no - Ep 14: The Monster Channel Lives
“Okay, so today’s your last science class before your break. What should we do in our final lesson?” Jeff asked his students.
“How about we just relax and sunbathe?” suggested one of the girls.
 “How about we watch that new movie with the giant robot dinosaurs fighting the giant aliens?” asked a boy.
“Seeing as this is science class, we should put on something science-related. Could we watch the Unearthery channel?” requested another boy.
“I guess we could do that. Plus I heard that plesiosaur week started today, so this could be a good option. Be careful though – they are pretty sensationalist with their stuff.”
The documentary opened with some narration: In the Bay of Knȗțȭniǻȑ, just south-east the city of Alamojo, this incredible piece of footage was discovered.
“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Look at us, we’re having such a wonder
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A proud #ActuallyAutistic and thus Autistic rights supporter who is interested in humanities, science, and popular culture. I don't post much, but I do have ideas of what I will post in the future, like my palaeontology themed series Palae-oh-no:…
  • Heroes of Mandalore: Sabine is on Mandalore with Ezra, Kanan, Fenn Rau and Clan Wren to rescue her father. The others seem suspicious of the location Sabine has pinpointed, but they go in anyway. A skirmish breaks out with the Empire (while Ezra has trouble with his jetpack), but in comes allies in the form of Bo-Katan and Clan Kryze. Rau introduces Bo-Katan, explaining she's the sister of Satine who once ruled Mandalore and was appointed Regent of Mandalore by the Jedi during the whole Siege of Mandalore thing. Of course, the Empire came in and ruined that, but people still see her as Mandalore's rightful ruler. She specifically mentions it was Clan Saxon who led the betrayal, which we now see with Tiber Saxon being the main antagonist. Also interestingly, her views on Satine seem to have softened despite literally being opposed everything she stood for, probably after she was killed by Maul. It's an interesting development, maybe she's grown more averse to violence after seeing all the war that broke out on Mandalore, and sees her as a better leader because she at least held things together for a while (though let's be honest, Satine's rule was always doomed :P ). Sabine looks up to her and offers her the darksaber, but she refuses, believing she failed when the Empire took over. Ezra remarks how Mandalore looks incredibly different to Lothal, and Sabine points out how continuous war before she was even born ended up leaving the surface barren (I think she's referring to the Mandalorian Civil War that preceded Satine's rule, given her pacifism came from so much bloodshed during that conflict). Ursa and Tristan arrive with reinforcements, and tell the others Sabine's father is being moved to the capital for execution. Kanan checks in with Hera, who seems to believe that Mandalore might be lost and is worried about how long they're taking. Kanan also seems to get cheeky and act like Hera misses him even as she's still acting serious, they do get a bit flirty actually. The attack on the transport holding Alrich Wren is begins, and he immediately recognises Sabine has showed up because of the use of paint to stop the transport. Ezra is able to get on and rescue Alrich, and Ezra takes "are you with Sabine?" as wondering if he's her boyfriend. :V Back in the capital, we see Saxon is preparing to unleash a weapon called the "Duchess" - the weapon Sabine invented (and yeah, that's a pretty twisted and ironic name given it's used to kill people, though it's strangely fitting because as we will see, it targets and destroys an important part of Mandalorian culture, something Satine cracked down on). Sabine and Alrich reunite, and we soon see that Sabine's artistic side comes from her father. Ezra admits he expected another warrior, but Sabine in an annoyed tone says that her dad fights with his art. This is pretty interesting, it does show Mandalorian culture is way more nuanced than just knowing how to fight each other. Part 1 soon ends however with Saxon deploying the Duchess, and Sabine is horrified to see its return, especially as it may have claimed her mother and brother.
    Bo-Katan explains she only heard rumours about the weapon and didn't believe it was even real, and she's shocked to see it is. Sabine also gets really emotional, feeling responsible for what happened. Lucky for her, at least Ursa and Tristan survived, being out of the weapon's range enough to survive. Imperials soon arrive to deal with them however, but everyone is able to escape in a Mandalorian fighter. Meanwhile, Saxon is showing Thrawn the Duchess in use, explaining that it only targets Mandalorian armour because of the beskar alloy in it while everyone else is unharmed. Thrawn remarks that it is effective, but it is something that strikes at a Mandalorian tradition (and TBH, he doesn't seem particularly fond of this). He declares that the weapon needs better range as Saxon only had pieces of the prototype, and that they need Sabine to fix it (though one wonders if he believes she will destroy it given he doesn't seem to be a fan, basically being super savvy under the Empire's nose). The Duchess in action is pretty horrifying to watch too, superheating Mandalorian armour and incinerating those who wear it, leaving nothing but ash. Bo-Katan is furious that Sabine would create this, and she admits she was arrogant and looking for a challenge, and the Empire exploited that. Ezra suggests using different armour, but the Mandalorians are all offended, with Sabine and Alrich explaining how important it is to their culture. They arrive at a camp and everyone there is angry at Sabine for what she did (makes you wonder why Bo-Katan never believed it). They form a plan to destroy the Duchess, though Rau wonders if the weapon could be used on stormtrooper armour. Sabine decides that's not their mission, and the continue planning, and Bo-Katan admits to Rau that while she has issues with Sabine, she does see potential for a great leader as she has chosen to face her past and redeem herself for what she did. She even thinks she could pave the way for them as Mandalorians to become better. They lead an attack on Saxon's Star Destroyer and Sabine and Bo-Katan find the Duchess, but they're captured and stunned by a low power blast from it. He then reactivates it and also uses it on his captain, who has been doubting whether this is a good idea, to show them all how much power he has with the Duchess. Ezra notices Sabine isn't responding, so he goes to seek her out while Kanan and Chopper erase all data on the Duchess. Saxon gets Sabine to upgrade the weapon, but in doing so she changes its target to the composition that makes up stormtrooper armour, bringing Saxon and every stormtrooper to their knees (Ezra even has to take off his scout trooper helmet when he feels the blast). Sabine declares that this is the only way to beat the Empire, but Bo-Katan snaps her out of her power trip, reminding her that this is a dishonourable weapon that she considers cowardly. Remembering her Mandalorian honour, Sabine destroys the Duchess with the darksaber (like Maul with Satine lol). The Duchess however is so powerful that everyone needs to leave, as it destroys the Star Destroyer and everything in it. At the end, Sabine hands the darksaber to Bo-Katan, believing that she has the leadership to lead the fight against the Empire, and all the other clans agree (though one wonders how they felt when she mentions her sister lol).
    So yeah, pretty good opener! There's a few little nitpicky things I'm not sure about, there were a couple of lines drowned out by the sound design and some of the animation didn't look the most fluid at times, but those things aside I enjoyed it. Sabine is probably one of my favourite characters in the show now, and this was a great showcase of everything on Mandalore and relating to it. I do wonder what the next of Mandalore we will see shall be, too.
  • In the Name of the Rebellion: Ezra, Sabine, Kanan and Chopper go to Yavin 4, and meet up with Zeb and Rex, only to see Rebel ships led by Hera coming in hot. Turns out it was a mission that screwed up, and they were lucky to survive. Hera sees the others and is delighted, especially since Sabine is deciding to help them out as she believes her family is handling things fine on Mandalore. Kallus, now working with the Rebels, tells them all Mon Mothma wants to see them. The Ghost crew, Mothma, Kallus, Rex and Bail Organa discuss how there's a new Imperial communication relay, and also how Saw Gerrera's Partisans found the intel first. Kallus believes this must be because they will do anything to get said intel, which Ezra wonders about, but Mothma insists they shouldn't do things like mistreat prisoners. They decide they will go and use the relay to listen to what Imperials are discussing to prevent further disasters like what happened before. Ezra wonders about whether they will go back to helping Lothal since Thrawn stopped their attack, but Mon Mothma brings him for a talk and discusses how while she's sympathetic, she feels they aren't ready for open warfare yet. Ezra then goes to Kanan and tells him about how he feels helpless in regards to Lothal, and also mentions how he's starting to wonder if Saw's methods are worth it since he doesn't get bogged down in politics. Conveniently, Saw then contacts Yavin 4, and calls out Mon Mothma for not listening to what he said about the outpost, blaming her for their losses today. Mothma however stands her ground, as Saw continues to talk about how she's not acting enough. Mothma retaliates by mentioning how he's a war criminal, targeting civilians and killing prisoners for one. It's a very intense scene, and showcases to very different visions for the rebellion. When the Ghost crew go on their mission to tap into the relay, Ezra wonders why they don't just destroy it, but Hera believes they will just build another one if they do that and they just need to listen in on Imperial intel. Hera then vents to Kanan about how she feels like Ezra might be right, and that she really wants to just hurt the Empire like they keep hurting them, but Kanan believes she's doing the right things and she's sounding like Saw. It's a nice moment where Kanan gives Hera support while she struggles with knowing what the right thing to do is. Ezra, Sabine and Chopper then dive on to the relay from the Ghost, but land pretty roughly. An Imperial light cruiser comes in as they install the spike. The ship is asking the outpost what's going on, and Ezra puts up an act, claiming to be commander Brom Titus... except the commander of the incoming ship is Brom Titus. Honestly, I laughed out loud at that part. When the relay dish moves, Titus then sees the rebels, including recognising Ezra. The Ghost comes in to pick them up, and as they decide to just blow up the outpost after all, they're attacked by stormtroopers. The Ghost is then occupied as two TIE Defenders are sent after it. The stormtroopers fall off the dish, and the TIEs are taken care of. Things soon change as a U-Wing shows up and attacks the Imperial cruiser, and on board is none other than Saw, who saves the rebels on the dish before he blows it up. Hera hears him and plans to pick the others up, but a Star Destroyer makes Saw jump to lightspeed while Ezra and Sabine decide they don't have much choice.
    Part 2 begins with Saw expecting a thanks, which Ezra gives. Saw mentions following orders will only get you so far and you need to take things into your own hands, to which Sabine says is what she did with Mandalore. Saw mentions that he heard about what happened, and that he wants their expertise at infiltrating Imperial locations for a mission. He's discovered that the Empire is transporting secret cargo to a station, and plans to investigate, and Ezra and Sabine agree (though Chopper apparently voted against lol). They arrive at the station and Sabine is already sceptical, but Saw insists being inconspicuous is what the Empire is doing. Two Tubes from Rogue One (Saw's U-Wing pilot here) drops them all off, and Chopper is in disguise. They sneak into some cargo to end up in a cargo bay, and while Sabine and Ezra aren't convinced anything might be here, Saw believes this entire cargo ship needs searching. Soon they see stormtroopers and hear there's an Imperial Shuttle on board though, and Chopper finds out they have a destination. Sabine says said destination is just empty and probably a rendezvous point, but Saw thinks it might be a hiding place. They break into where the cargo is being held, and discover it's holding civilians. Saw is disappointed, but a prisoner named Mich Matt explains that while they don't know anything, they overheard something about Jedha and that the actual cargo is probably from there. He also explains they're all technicians being hired for a secret Imperial project. Ezra and Sabine believe they need to get the technicians into escape pods so they can escape, so Chopper helps them do that. Meanwhile, Saw leads the others in looking for the cargo, and Ezra hearing a strange song leads them to the right room, except they have to fight through death troopers. Once they get rid of all but one who escapes, they discover the cargo is a giant kyber crystal. The last death trooper informs others of what happened, and as a result the escape pods are taken out, though Chopper gets everyone out in time. While Saw wants to see where they're taking the crystal, Ezra and Sabine go to stop the ship to free the prisoners. However, Saw then goes and betrays them, stopping them from stopping the ship. When they wake up, Saw has the crystal with him and explains that he's certain the Empire is using all of these things to build something, and will leave this ship running to its coordinates. When they arrive, they don't see anything but a Star Destroyer. Two Tubes then comes over to pick them up, but only Saw leaves because the others choose to stay behind and try and get the civilians out. Ezra gets Chopper to tell Hera where they are, and they try to get the prisoners into a shuttle. They succeed, and they all fly out while Sabine brings the cargo ship to the Star Destroyer so the crystal's explosion wipes it out. The explosion damages the shuttle, but the Ghost arrives to pick them up. The technicians decide to enlist in the rebellion, while the others discuss how this is the second kyber crystal they've seen the Empire try to take away, wondering what must be going on and if the Empire is winning.
    These were a good set of episodes. Not necessarily my favourites, but I did enjoy them. We got a good contrast between Saw and the main rebellion, and they helped put things in the direction of Rogue One, since this is probably how Saw sent the Partisans to Jedha. Also, loved the sendoff to Brom Titus, that gag was hilarious.
  • The Occupation: The Ghost crew return from a mission, but Ezra awakens from a mission where old Joe and Ryder Azadi are in trouble on Lothal. He still feels powerless about not being able to do anything, which Kanan reminds him of and Hera mentions that he needs to be patient. Mon Mothma then shows them a message from Ryder, mentioning developments with the TIE Defenders, but the message is cut out. Lucky for Ezra, Mothma knowing how dangerous those fighters are gets her to send them to Lothal to investigate. Mothma mentions that because the planet is in lockdown under the Empire, there's no guarantee they will return, but Ezra isn't concerned about that since he wants to help his home. Meanwhile, the Ghost crew go to Vizago to be smuggled into Lothal. Kallus is sceptical since he's a criminal, but Sabine mentions that they didn't trust him either. According to Ezra, Vizago also has a proper business on Lothal... which he heard from Hondo. Of course nobody is keen on that, but Ezra believes Vizago can get them in. As they give him puffer pigs (which Zeb isn't allowed near since he scares them, to which Rex makes some weird joke about his face being unique), Hera puts Rex in charge of The Ghost while they're gone. Kallus thought she was talking to him and wonders why Rex is in charge, but him mentioning he's commanded Star Destroyers only proves Rex's point. :P The Ghost leaves and everyone dresses up in disguises, but it turns out Lothal in lockdown is not only hard to get through, but also polluted and burning. Ezra of course is horrified, but things get tricky when the Empire grows suspicious and sends TIE Fighter escorts. When imperials board the ship, the crew use the puffer pigs to make a diversion and sneak out, and then they split into different groups. Ezra, Sabine and Chopper head to old Joe's, and while they see themselves on wanted posters and propaganda blaring, Joe's is also now filled with Imperials and playing the Imperial March. Baron Valen Rudor now runs the place, and Ezra and Sabine are forced to play along. Jai Kell recognises Ezra as Rudor explains that old Joe was caught helping rebels escape recently and executed for it. Meanwhile Kanan and Hera are looking for transport, and they end up having a bit of a moment together, almost kissing in fact (yeah, this season is relaly doubling down on Kanera, and it's kinda working on me lol) but they're interrupted by Zeb saying that he found speeders. Ezra and Sabine are forced to leave because he's getting emotional, while Kell has to cover for them. Kell recognises Ezra and mentions he's now working with Ryder, but as the others arrive Imperials cut them off. They then go down into the sewers, but Imperials follow and they have to fight them off. They're split in two, and each find Sabine's Phoenix symbol, indicating directions to a way out. Ezra also has a moment of anger feeling like Lothal is doomed, but Sabine and Zeb help get himself back together. They meet back up and they're cornered but find the symbol at an exit, and outside is Ryder who gets them out to safety in a U-Wing. They head to a camp, but Ryder still expects help from more Rebel forces. Besides Thrawn's attack on Atollon, the Imperial lockdown means it will be hard for forces to get in, so everyone ends uneasy. This was a pretty good episode, we return to Lothal but now things look even more doomed than ever, and the Imperial presence really does feel more powerful. Lots of nice little moments sprinkled through as well, but you really do come out of this wondering how they are even going to fight back.
  • Flight of the Defender: Ezra, Sabine, Ryder and Zeb are spying on Imperials waiting to see the upgraded TIE Defender (with the company of loth-cats), and soon they see what they're looking for. The pilot is Vult Skerris, and while they decide they've seen enough, Sabine believes they need to retrieve the flight data recorder. The others are sceptical especially since getting the info out would be hard, but Ezra becomes convinced so him and Sabine decide to go in. They need a distraction when they encounter some stormtroopers, but the loth-cats tagging along then go to the stormtroopers and give them problems. Things get harder however as Thrawn and Governor Pryce show up. They go to inspect the new TIE and Ezra needs to distract them somehow, however he himself is distracted by a loth-wolf in the distance, which then causes a TIE pilot to attack him. Ryder and Zeb are told to return to base as everyone else catches Ezra's attention, while Sabine is still working on the TIE while thinking of a new plan to get out. Ezra even falls in front of Thrawn at one moment, who simply remarks "fascinating." Sabine then decides to hijack the Defender (guess we're doing Fighter Flight 2.0, though Sabine shooting up the base also reminded me of The Force Awakens), and while Ezra is shocked he decides to jump in too. Pryce mentions a kill switch they can activate, but Thrawn decides for now they can now use this as an excuse to test the Defender's combat capabilities and gets Skerris to send a few TIE Interceptors after them. Meanwhile Sabine explains to Ezra that since they stole the whole ship, they can take the ship's hyperdrive to get the Defender info back to Yavin 4. Thrawn takes note of the Defender's flying style with Ezra and Sabine inside and also notices the transponder being deactivated, while Sabine notices the ship has the kill switch. Before Pryce activates it, Thrawn believes that if someone with as modest skills as Ezra can be this successful, then the Defender is going to be a strong asset to the Empire. However, Sabine decides that even with the crashed ship they're still going to take the hyperdrive from it to fix the one on Ryder's U-Wing. Meanwhile at said U-Wing the other rebels are concerned, and go out to look for them. Ezra and Sabine are struggling to move the hyperdrive, but a loth-cat leads Ezra to a good hiding place, so they decide to hide it there and return for it later. They then leave with the flight data, but Ezra hears the loth-wolf calling as Imperial gunships begin searching for them at night. Ezra explains how he keeps seeing the loth-wolf even though nobody has seen them for about a century, however the one he keeps seeing goes up to them. In a rather eerie moment, it tells Sabine to sleep and she instantly becomes unconscious, Ezra is startled but come to realise that it's actually offering help. The loth-wolf then transports them through the night, and when dawn arrives it drops them off. Ezra asks why the wolf helped them, to which it merely says "Dume" (not doom). The other rebels come for them, but they didn't see the wolf and now it's completely gone, and Sabine doesn't remember it (either because of the wolf's force ability or that she fell asleep moments after seeing it). Kanan believes Ezra however, but when Ezra mentions there's more to it he doesn't know what it means.
    This was a pretty peculiar episode. It starts out with the TIE Defender stuff and that was mostly good and all, but then in the final act we end up seeing the loth-wolf and suddenly so many questions are now in the air. It was cool seeing Sabine and Ezra work together here and work with the ship too, but naturally I'm mainly gonna be thinking about what the heck these loth-wolves are and what their deal is.
  • Kindred: Hera goes to see Kanan, who is pondering over how the Rebels seem to keep coming back to Lothal. Hera just assumes some coincidences, but Kanan insists that there must be more to it than even Ezra, he feels like more is going on. Over with the Empire, Thrawn and Pryce are discussing catching the rebels and stealing the TIE Defender, and Thrawn mentions that because of past failures, he's now sending his agent, Rukh, to help. Meanwhile Ezra, Zeb and Jai Kell are retrieving the hyperdrive, and to help remember where it is, Ezra states, "when in doubt, follow the loth-cat." Interestingly, Dave Filoni did a whole thing on social media telling people to "follow the white loth-cat" (and yes, the ones that Ezra looks to for guidance like this are white). However, Rukh soon arrives, and he already seems skilled with tracking his foes. Also, it's surreal to think he's actually voiced by Warwick Davis, I think they altered the voice he did a bit, but it still sounds so different. Ezra and Jai put on disguises when they see their new enemy, but Rukh literally sniffs them out with his extremely accurate sense of smell. They get into a bit of a fight, and Rukh then chases them on speeder bikes as Pryce looks for Zeb. Zeb then steals a troop transport while Rukh catches up to Ezra and Jai, though they soon lose him in the chase. Back with Hera, Kanan and Sabine, Sabine goes to get ready to add the hyperdrive to their U-Wing while Kanan and Hera talk about what they want after the war, though it quickly turns romantic in tone. They almost kiss, but Ryder comes over to mention the others are arriving (though Zeb forgot to mention he stole a transport so he almost gets shot lol). However, because of a tracker Rukh used he and Pryce now follow them to their camp with troops. Rukh and Pryce also bicker a bit, over who failed what. :P Before Hera and Chopper take the U-wing to leave with the TIE Defender data, Kanan plans to continue from earlier (presumably that he doesn't want her to think he doesn't care about what she's doing for the rebellion), but then Hera kisses him (which the others notice), and tells him "may the Force be with you." Hera then has to fly through a huge blockade while tanks start shooting at the rebels on the ground. Ezra then finds the way out is through once again, loth-wolves, with the white one seeming to suggest Ezra to follow him. The others figure it's probably the best chance they have, even if Sabine and especially Ryder are baffled at this direction (Ryder even wonders how they're still alived if they've been through other weird stuff like this). Rukh figures out where they've gone though, and after some more argument Pryce calls for bombers to deal with them. Hera meanwhile calculates a risky hyperspace jump through a space station, and actually manages to succeed, which Thrawn knows about and is disappointed with. When the rebels catch up with the wolves, Ezra soon discovers they want Kanan, and Kanan actually knew (I guess the force connection is strong). When Kanan approaches the white one, they then go into a cave, and the rebels follow them and notice cave paintings of people following loth-wolves. When the Empire starts dropping bombs over them, the wolves them move further in, and Ezra believes they all must hold hands. The wolves then lead them through some strange gateway, and even start to look like they're walking on water before everyone wakes up on some grass with a white loth-cat in the middle of them. Something interesting pointed out was that this kind of resembles the cards Dave Filoni released of Ahsoka on Malachor, where she follows the convor into Malachor's depths, ends up in some strange liquid and arrives somewhere else. Very intriguing, if I do say so myself. Anyway, the loth-cat wakes up Ezra, and they all awaken inside another cave. Sabine finds out they've moved halfway across the planet, and Zeb wonders how Ezra knew how to do that, which of course he didn't. Ezra then goes to see Kanan, who stays inside with the wolves and asks Ezra to describe what he sees on the walls. Ezra describes what he sees: the paintings show people coming down from the sky, possibly Jedi. Also, it looks like a child surrounded by something. The wolf then says "Dume," and Kanan mentions Caleb Dume is his original name, and that the wolves have a strong Force connection, one greater than other life. Kanan thinks there's a purpose to this and the Empire is up to something worse that they don't know about (something Maketh Tua hinted at before she died). They then think about the future, and Kanan also says he's certain Hera made it back to Yavin 4, and he's right.
    This is probably one of my favourite episodes so far this season. It starts out pretty typical with the introduction to Rukh, but when Hera has to go back on her own with nobody but Chopper and the others are left with the loth-wolves, it gets great. Rukh had a fine introduction, and it's still amazing to think Warwick Davis voices him. The Kanan and Hera kiss was nice and predictably everyone went berserk over it, and of course I loved everything with the loth-wolves. I love it when Filoni starts going into weird Force related territory, and this is no exception. I definitely want to know what's up with Lothal though, the fact that we even had this hinted back in Season 2 really makes me wondering what is such a big deal. Like, obviously the world seems to have a special connection to the Force and Jedi have history there, but what about this ties into what the Emperor actually wants?
  • Crawler Commandeers: The rebels are trying to find a way to contact Hera to organise the attack on Lothal. Ryder is pessimistic, but Ezra and the other remind him that it's possible to do something. They discover a Mining Guild transport (since they've been digging up materials for Imperial factories at the cost of the planet's environment) that is able to do long range communications, so they plan to hijack it. Meanwhile, the rebels at Yavin 4 look at the upgraded TIE Defender schematics and realise how dangerous it is, yet despite Hera insisting they need to attack the production facilities the rebels are unsure and try to discuss what to do. The Lothal rebels soon sneak on board the transport and Sabine deals with some security droids, and they discover the trandoshan captain of the ship (voiced by Seth Green). Zeb takes him down (after commenting on the song he listens to, which is actually the one from Season 2), but the Empire catches the short lived distress signal so the rebels have to stall them. Ezra talks like the captain to try and fool them, but the Empire sends support anyway. They discover another signal coming from the ship though, which Kanan and Zeb go to investigate. They discover slaves on board, but another trandoshan who runs them fights them. Oh, and Vizago is one of the slaves, and is convinced Kanan has come back for him. They deal with the slave master, though he puts up quite a fight. Back on Yavin 4, Mon Mothma tells Hera there's still no decision, and that the Empire is up to something else since it's ordering all of its personnel to leave Lothal (the protocol she mentions is also the one used on Jedha before the Death Star test fire in Rogue One). This only makes Hera more determined however, and despite not being allowed in the discussion room she gives a speech demanding that they need to make a move to show the Empire they can be fought, even if they fail. Ezra goes out and sees Vizago, who then realises that it wasn't part of their plan to rescue him and feels betrayed. :P The Empire comes over though, and they need to stall them (Zeb also has to pretend to be a slave master, which makes him notably uncomfortable). Vizago pretends to be captain, but the Empire doesn't care, they still board even if they soon leave after inspecting. They come in and give him a hard time while the others hide, but the captain is now gone from where he was being held, using ventilation shafts to get around. This means he also sabotages the crawler, so the others have to go and find him (Ezra even goes into the ventilation shafts because the doors are locked down). Ezra then takes care of the captain (or rather, his lightsabre, since he trips over it and falls into a furnace, Ezra's reaction is also kinda dark, giving a one liner as he dies :v). After the power is fixed, Vizago is now in control of the ship after saving him and the rebels beam their transition. Hera tells them that the attack is now approved, and the Lothal rebels will lead the ground assault. So yeah, this was a good episode. Nothing too remarkable, but it was enjoyable.
  • Rebel Assault: Mid-season finale time! Hera leads a bunch of X-wings (with herself and Chopper in one) and Y-wings to begin the Lothal attack, and Thrawn immediately catches on to that they're intending to attack the factories. On the surface, the rebels are setting charges to Imperial turrets to stop them from shooting down the starfighters. Mart Mattin is one of the X-wing pilots and takes down a fighter, but soon Vult Skerris shows up in his TIE Defender to cause more problems. After Skerris attacks some, he notices that Hera is leading the squad and goes after her. When the air defense turrets are taken down, Pryce notices and is pissed, but Thrawn is confident the rebels won't succeed. As Skerris pursues Hera, Thrawn tells him to quit it but he doesn't listen (this is like Konstantine lol), so he now risks him being caught in the fire as he tries to shoot down Hera. Thrawn's attack then disables both Hera's and Skerris's shields. Hera then takes down Skerris and Thrawn is displeased, but he orders a second wave of fighters as the rebels break through the blockade. Said second wave is huge, and shoots down all of the rebels, and the ground rebels see what happened. Thrawn then orders Rukh to hunt down anyone who may have survived the starfighter crashes, notably Hera. Kanan tries calling for her on the comlink, but gets nothing, Ezra then reassures him as the rebels then have to leave their position. Hera then awakens after being knocked out and tries to get Chopper to contact the others, but his transmitter is broken so they need to keep moving. As the other rebels are speeding away, Kanan decides he has to go back, so Ezra convinces everyone to let him go. Meanwhile as Rukh is hunting pilots, Pryce hears about Hera's survival and orders to ramp up the search. Hera then finds and saves Mart (even if his droid was immobilised), but Rukh finds them soon afterwards and begins his hunt. Meanwhile, as Kanan is going back, the white loth-wolf stops him, and Kanan while frustrated at first is then told something he needs to do by it and the other loth-wolves that show up. The survivors then discover a hatch, and Hera gets Mart to divert their attention so the AT-DP can be moved off of it. However, even as they get it open, only Mart and Chopper get through as they're all cornered by Imperial forces, and Rukh takes down Hera. Pryce then meets Hera and stuns her as they take her away. Mart and Chopper then meet Kanan, and Kanan mentions he's aware of the capture and that they couldn't do anything to save Hera, but that there is something HE can do. And then the episode ends. I did find this episode kind of underwhelming on a first watch, but I think looking back it's mainly because it was setting a lot of stuff up and they really spaced out the Rukh chase to make it more suspenseful. I do think it's a pretty good episode though. The space battle was good, Rukh was cool as he hunted down Hera, Mart was much more mature than when we last saw him and the loth-wolves continue to intrigue. I definitely am looking forward to the second half of the season to see how Rebels finally concludes.


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