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Palae-oh-no - Ep 18: Claw and Justice
Sampson awakened in a dark cell, feeling a headache. He noticed his legs were cuffed to the ground, and that Kollin and Corrie were the same.
Kollin and Corrie woke up shortly after Sampson, both looking similarly pained. Sampson tried to see if there was any way he could escape. However, a fourth voice was soon heard.
    ‘Do not attempt to escape. If you do, you will be stunned on sight, and moved to the highest security prison.’
    ‘Who are you?’ Kollin said.
The door to the maniraptors’ cell opened to reveal a troodont with a microphone. As he put the microphone back into its slot in the wall, his features darkened as he entered the cell. His feathers were oddly drab, a dirty brownish grey with no patterns anywhere. There were signs of a wattle from around the nose that was removed, probably from a surgical procedure. He was however wearing a silver badge on the right side of the bottom of his neck, designating some sort
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Palae-oh-no - Ep 17: Beasts Awakened
The movie opened with an egg hatching, containing a strange, gorgonopsian looking creature with eye horns, ten sabre teeth, acid saliva, red eyes and a back with buzzsaws. Suddenly, the movie’s theme music played, with the title card “Permian Planet.”
    The movie then cut to a train, with a voiceover saying ‘Hey, welcome to Permian Planet, troodonts! Time to show you stuff you remembered from our previous failed attempt at an amusement park, Permian Safari. Apparently the guys running this one want people to think that was all fun and dandy!’
On the train were two brothers, one was a kid and engrossed in everything, the other was a bored teenager and was instead checking out female troodonts.
    ‘Hey, you wanna come check out the reference from the first movie over here?’ asked the younger brother.
    The older brother replied with ‘Nah dude, I&
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Xerosha (TAFE draft)
Xerosha produced a projection of the news from a single blue eye, informing their master about the world in a shiny white room.
    ‘Xerosha, turn it off,’ Viktor Richarduse, their master, said.
Xerosha stopped projecting the holographic screen. They were as high as the average human, covered in gunmetal paint, had a slim body including a long, flat faced head and had simple blocky limbs, ending in bulky three fingered hands.
    ‘Get me my pen and tablet,’ Richarduse said.
Xerosha walked to Richarduse’s desk and grabbed his pen and tablet, and walked back, slightly trembling. Xerosha handed Richarduse the items, only to receive another order.
    ‘Get me my coffee.’
Xerosha, still trembling, walked over and picked up Richarduse’s coffee and walked with it back to him. However, Xerosha’s trembling increased, causing the coffee to spill over the floor.
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Act Your Age (TAFE Film Script)
ALINA is sitting down, with a bag full of work and reading a book in her hand. She sits there quietly and contently reads.
DRAKE enters the town square, awkwardly strutting to try and look cool to people, and sees ALINA, eyes growing wide as he finds her attractive. Some wind blows, and ALINA strokes it back into place, which Drake is stunned by, foolishly believing it to be a gesture of affection towards him as he stares at her.
ALINA finishes the chapter of her book, gets up and leaves, with DRAKE eyeing her closely and deciding to secretly trail behind her.
ALINA is standing in line for a coffee, in a relatively quiet café. She walks up to the counter and places her order.
One small cappuccino, please.
ALINA then looks through her purse to get the money she needs to pay for it, except she is a few cents low. ALINA do
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Goofy Evil Scientist Team-Up!
“Ugh, what is it with portal guns? Why can’t I turn one into a dimension hopping device? Wait, I know what I’m gonna do today!”
Heinz Doofenshmirtz was tinkering with a portal gun he bought from Aperture Science, and wanted to turn it into something cooler than some lousy video game mechanic. He decided to turn it into a dimension hopping device.
“Hey, narrator, quit explaining what I’ve already explained!” exclaimed Heinz. He then built it and decided to test it. “Hey, Vanessa, my doonkle boonkle!”
“What is it, dad? Stop being, like, so embarrassing.”
“Papa Doofy is gonna play with his portal gun for a while.”
“What euphemisms? Teenagers and their dirty minds, sheesh, start to learn to take your daddy literally, Vanessa! I’m literally going to modify this portal gun here so I can travel between dimensions!”
“Sure, whatever.”
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My Experience as a Phineas and Ferb Fan
Now that Phineas and Ferb has officially ended its run sans the one-off special "The OWCA Files," I thought it was a good time to reflect on how the show has affected my life and the experiences I have had as a fan. So, let's jump right in and start at the very beginning!
My first experience with the show was back in 2008, when I was 11 years old. Interestingly enough, it was from a magazine known as DMag, which simply had an advertisement for the show with the Flynn-Fletcher siblings and captions next to them. They were "he thinks big" for Phineas, "he thinks now" for Ferb and "she thinks not" for Candace. Since I'm not one to get into new interests so easily, I didn't investigate any further, especially since I didn't even have Disney Channel at my home (plus who likes advertisements, anyway?). Little would I know that this show would play a big part in my life one day. One day a couple of months later my brother and I were watching a program on TV called Saturday Di
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“What? You don't think I can handle ugly? I've been hanging out with you all Summer!”
“Sticks and stones!”
Isabella did not appreciate Buford calling her a “little girl,” even though she knew her friend could be sexist towards her at times. She walked back into the S.H.E.D. and felt annoyed at his remark, but realised that Phineas and Ferb probably had something for her to do, so she felt a little better when she was inside.
She walked up to Iron Man, who was helping out Phineas, and prepared to ask them what they were doing, but the superhero just pat her on the head and continued assisting the boy. Isabella then walked over to Ferb, who was sawing beside Thor working on a dagger and Spider-Man lifting weights. They all ignored her as well, and left her unsure of what to do.
Why isn’t anybody noticing me? Surely there’s something I could do that’s of importance! Isabella thought.
“Oh hey,
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Palae-oh-no - Ep 16: Ton-Zilla
“Lora, you didn’t have to come to university today. I could’ve covered you.”
“I didn’t want to miss out on anything though, just because Feduciucc is gone. I mean, maybe I could finally get some work done now that we won’t be having any of our stupid arguments anymore.”
“Yes, but you’re not feeling good at all, are you?”
“I really appreciate your concern, but like I said, I think I might be able to actually get some stuff done.”
“Hey look, it’s our new professor!” another student then proclaimed.
Like Feduciucc, the new teacher had brown feathers, with a few khaki ones on the tail and wings. He also had a dark orange and blown up five fingered glove on his head, and had two long, shiny blue feathers at the end of his tail. However, the new teacher had a very different physique to a troodont, or even a dromaeosaur. The body was very slim and gracile, the snout was long and narrow and the wing
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Rise of the Aglet
“Oh, shoot. My- my shoelace is all frayed. I- I'm going to have to replace the aglet. I-I always keep extras in hand. Just- just a few. Anyway, here's mud in your eye!”
After accidentally thinking about aglets, the viral video Doofenshmirtz wanted everyone to forget about on the Read My Mind-Inator was replaced with the image of one of the tips of a shoelace. He reached for the button on the Inator and pressed it, only for it to explode.
“I really shouldn’t have put the self-destruct button in the exact same position as the Universal delete button. Curse you, Perry the Platypus, even though you didn’t actually stop me this time!”
“It! Doesn’t! MATTER!” yelled Candace.
When everyone was trying to get Candace to remember the aglet, Isabella, Buford and Baljeet went stood beside Phineas and Ferb. Candace herself noticed the arrival.
“What do you wan- a-a-ag-aglet.” Once Candace noticed Buford’s “I
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Phineas and Ferb: Shipping Meme by Tyrannotitan333 Phineas and Ferb: Shipping Meme :icontyrannotitan333:Tyrannotitan333 3 7 Platypus-zilla by Tyrannotitan333 Platypus-zilla :icontyrannotitan333:Tyrannotitan333 4 0 Poposaurus Comic by Tyrannotitan333 Poposaurus Comic :icontyrannotitan333:Tyrannotitan333 9 12 Meiolania by Tyrannotitan333 Meiolania :icontyrannotitan333:Tyrannotitan333 2 1
Palae-oh-no - Ep 15: Planet Not-Theropod 2/2
The following episode of Palae-oh-no has suffered from severe delays, due to being inspected by the Palaeoartismo Cleaning Department. So… enjoy this when you can, I guess!
“Okay, weird alien creatures, we don’t even know what a ‘bunny’ is!”
Corrie was trying to find a way out of the theatre while Kollin was ranting at people’s claims and Kim-Lee was keeping people away with her large claws.
“Corrie, tell them that we’re endotherms!” Kollin yelled.
“Nothing is stopping them. They all want us to do something that isn’t even anatomically possible!”
Kim-Lee’s attention however was caught by a Brachiosaurus in Jurassic Park. The man with the two kids then said something terrible – the animal was safe because it was a herbivore.
A teenaged boy then said “Yeah, lol. They’re totally lame co
:icontyrannotitan333:Tyrannotitan333 2 16
Palae-oh-no - Ep 15: Planet Not-Theropod 1/2
“Where are we?”
“Look at this bizarre vegetation!”
“I think I need to keep on lying down – my body’s aching all over.”
These were comments made regarding the situation Sampson, Lora, Jeff, Kollin and Corrie were in. They had awakened in a strange forest without any memory of arriving there, unlike anything they had ever seen. In particular, the main thing worth noting was that the surroundings were covered in grass. However, the group of maniraptors soon noticed that they weren’t alone.
“Oh, F’ucc! I just had to be here with you, didn’t I?” Lora complained.
“How about you shut up and try to help us figure out what was going on, Miss Anuscler?” retorted Feduciucc.
“Uh, guys? There’s also someone here I don’t think any of us even know.” Jeff was referring to a large therizinosaur, which was covered in dense white feathers, with the back being a very light grey. It also had bl
:icontyrannotitan333:Tyrannotitan333 3 14
Palae-oh-no - Ep 14: The Monster Channel Lives
“Okay, so today’s your last science class before your break. What should we do in our final lesson?” Jeff asked his students.
“How about we just relax and sunbathe?” suggested one of the girls.
 “How about we watch that new movie with the giant robot dinosaurs fighting the giant aliens?” asked a boy.
“Seeing as this is science class, we should put on something science-related. Could we watch the Unearthery channel?” requested another boy.
“I guess we could do that. Plus I heard that plesiosaur week started today, so this could be a good option. Be careful though – they are pretty sensationalist with their stuff.”
The documentary opened with some narration: In the Bay of Knȗțȭniǻȑ, just south-east the city of Alamojo, this incredible piece of footage was discovered.
“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Look at us, we’re having such a wonder
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Tyrannotitan chubutensis
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
A proud #ActuallyAutistic and thus Autistic rights supporter who is interested in humanities, science, and popular culture. I don't post much, but I do have ideas of what I will post in the future, like my palaeontology themed series Palae-oh-no:…
So yeah, I saw Solo. First of all, just want to mention I didn't do one of these for The Last Jedi mainly because one: it was quite a bit to process at the time, and two: lots of people said things way better than I ever could have. To summarise: I liked it a lot! Don't know if it's my favourite Star Wars film, but I liked it a lot more than The Force Awakens (even as it has since grown on me, even if I still have issues with things like not enough context on the state of the Galaxy and maybe playing it a little too safe). Most of the criticisms I've seen of it seemed either subjective or just nitpicky to me, the only serious problem I actually had was that while Snoke being killed off is a nice twist in the context of the Sequel Trilogy itself, it's kind of annoying because it's not long after Return of the Jedi and suddenly some new guy shows up with ridiculous Force powers. Like, where the hell was Snoke this whole time if he had this level of power? The novel does kinda suggest how he came to power, but it's nothing direct and just talked about. But yeah, that aside, pretty great and I don't get why it ticked so many people off.

Anyway, now for the main topic, a film I DO have some thoughts that are probably unique compared to others. I will put a warning for SPOILERS since they will be discussed, but to summarise: it's decent. Nothing outstanding, and it wasn't meant to be. I'm just happy it doesn't totally suck given the issues with the directors. I'm also surprised at how little negativity there is towards the film, I've only come across one or two people who actually didn't like it and most people are overall quite positive. Anyway, SPOILERS below, you have been warned.

  • The actors were good. I'm amazed at how many people have accepted Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo, because he does play the part really well. All the other actors were good too, though Donald Glover while good didn't really stand out as much as I expected him to. Phoebe Waller-Bridge does sometimes slightly overdo it as L3-37 (though maybe it's just the droid audio lol), but she's my favourite character in the film (I'll get to her in a bit). Paul Bettany was a late casting choice but he did a good job as Dryden Vos, even if he was quite a bit of a creep (which I guess is intentional).
  • Han himself: his story is good, but nothing remarkable. I guess part of it is that it didn't really give us anything that new to chew on? I guess being motivated by Qi'ra is of course a new thing but I'm thinking in terms of all the big things everyone knows about Han's backstory. Like seeing it all happen was good and all, it just didn't really offer much of substance. Not to say there aren't themes and stuff you can dig into, but it's not like Rogue One or The Last Jedi where there's a lot going on. The film also reminded me why I don't think I was as into Han Solo as a lot of people: he's really cocky and arrogant here, even more so because he's younger and more reckless. He can only do so many stupid things before I sigh (and The Last Jedi deconstructing the whole "let's do random shit and hope it works out" thing makes it even weirder). XD
  • Chewbacca I kinda feel faded into the background overtime. In the earlier parts of the film he's in the story quite prominently, but he slowly fades into the background, like after Kessel I'm not even sure if he contributed to the story in any major way. It also didn't go as in-depth into Han and Chewie's relationship as I was expecting, like after the first act and definitely after Kessel there's not much besides "we're buds now"? I mean, the Life Debt surprisingly doesn't even come up, I mean some have said maybe you can infer it but maybe that is something for a different story. I actually missed the whole thing where Han acts selfless ends up being the thing that makes Chewbacca stay with Han instead of the wookies on Kessel funnily enough, silly me. They way they met and escaped was cool, though.
  • Yeah we all know Donald Glover is good as Lando, but I feel like this was a real case of style over substance. Besides the plot contributions like having the Falcon, meeting Han and losing the Falcon to him, he didn't have much of a presence to me. There's the stuff with L3, but I'm saving that for later because I have a lot of feelings about her. Also no, I didn't get the vibe he was pansexual in the film, the most I got out of it was him being into L3 and she's a female droid so uh yeah.
  • Beckett is fine and does what he needs to do. Woody Harrelson plays the part well, and he serves the part of being a mentor and foil to Han well. I actually wasn't too surprised when he decided to betray Han at the end, because when I saw the teasers with him going "assume everyone will betray you" and "don't trust anyone" I really got the feeling it was foreshadowing him doing just that to Han.
  • Val REALLY got screwed over. She was cool from what we saw, but there's not much that. And then we have like one of the only black women in Star Wars ever get fridged just to give Beckett manpain that doesn't come up later but one time where it's never discussed. It's just sad. Rio I guess is in a similar category, he's fun when he's around but nothing that remarkable exists about him and of course he dies before we get more of him.
  • L3-37 is my favourite character in the movie, but I am NOT a fan of how she was handled. I really like her, she's emotional, passionate and doesn't take shit from anyone. She fills a similar role to K-2SO from Rogue One but while K2 is more just really blunt, L3 is really emotional and kind of annoyed by the people around her. It's also good to see a droid who actually cares about her rights and autonomy, honestly the thing with the droids breaking free was probably one of my favourite scenes in the film. Like, it's cool to see that addressed. However, this is kind of where I start to roll my eyes at how the film treats her. First of all, I can't help but feel Lando is kind of a dick to her? Like, he's attracted to her but also doesn't like her actually giving a shit about droid rights, and there are a couple of moments where L3 voicing her opinions seem to be played as punchlines. And then there's when she dies. Yeah, so she starts her rebellion among the droids and they also free all the slaves there, but she pays the price for being shot down. It's pretty brutal and actually kind of hard to watch. Lando panics and brings her head to the Falcon with Han's help, and she has this "what's happening to me?" moment before she shuts down. Okay seriously, it's pretty disturbing, but it then gets even more uncomfortable for me. So they're in the Kessel Run and need help plotting a way out, and since L3 is really good at navigating, they upload her brain into the Falcon. Like okay, you're trying to survive and have to use all you have, but in a meta sense it really disturbs me. Like, you have this droid who cares about her kind and wants freedom for herself and other droids, but not only is she shot into pieces after freeing some of her kind on Kessel, but basically her brain is ripped out from her body and merged with the computer of another ship, meaning that she will never have the autonomy she fought for and will be stuck serving organics for as long as she lives. It's horrifying, and people actually think it's a cool touch that L3 is part of the Falcon because of the ship's computer talking back to C-3PO in a weird way or something. Like okay, maybe it explains that, but I never cared and knowing the Millennium Falcon is basically a ship with a zombie brain forced to serve its masters is just really wrong to me. No wonder Qi'ra apologised when she took her CPU out.
  • Qi'ra, she's... interesting. She's not flat by any means and works fine into the story, but there are still issues with how she's written. It really comes down to how they've tried to make her all mysterious and such, which doesn't pay off as well as it should have. Everyone talks to Han about how she's done all of these awful things and how we can't trust her, but I feel it would have more impact if we actually saw the consequences of something she was responsible for or at least compliant in. Also for someone meant to have her own agenda and be so ambitious and such, she seemed to be awfully nice in some parts, like sincerely? I guess maybe it ties into how she does still love Han but her own desire for power in Crimson Dawn ends up being stronger, and she tricks Han into leaving her, breaking his heart as he sees the Crimson Dawn yacht fly off.
  • Dryden worked as a villain. He was played well as mentioned before, and he is pretty different to other Star Wars villains. He was also quite a bit of a creep, I'm sure he's supposed to come off that way but still, eww.
  • Okay let's talk about the elephant in the room: Maul's surprise cameo. I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it was a genuine shock and quite exciting to see him again, and it makes me wonder what plans they have for him (they BETTER have such plans). On the other, it felt so out of nowhere that it ended up taking me out of the movie completely, and I couldn't focus on the end on my first watch because of what a surprise this scene was. To be fair, it's not exactly out of nowhere, there are some vague clues and allusions that point in Maul's direction, and of course as mentioned Dryden does have to answer to someone but thing is: only hardcore fans like me will notice these things, and even less would think that they all lead to Maul running Crimson Dawn. And if this is how I, a huge Maul fan who loves his canon story reacted, then I feel bad for all the casual viewers who watch this scene and think anything from "wait he's alive?" to "what the hell?" to even "this is the stupidest thing I've seen ever".
    People have accused the film of sequel baiting as well, but this is the only scene I feel really calls attention to itself to the point where it's demanding a follow up. I'd rather it not be in a direct sequel since Han directly facing Maul would not only be unevenly matched but also it would REALLY risk breaking the whole "Han doesn't believe in the force" thing since I doubt Maul would feel the need to restrain himself in combat with some new smuggler. I feel like if they want to follow up on Maul tracking down Han and Chewie, maybe have it be a different film about different characters hired by Maul to track down Solo, maybe even the Boba Fett film that's supposedly happening (as in, Maul hires bounty hunters to track down Han and Chewie and keeps lurking in the shadows doing whatever he's doing running Crimson Dawn).
    It's also a massive surprise because between The Clone Wars and Rebels, I really thought they were done telling Maul's story, but since they felt like going as far as giving him a massive tease, it clearly isn't. To be fair, the sixteen years between his appearances in The Clone Wars and Rebels leave a lot of room for imagination, so I guess him building his own crime syndicate is one of those things. It still raises many questions though. If Crimson Dawn like the other crime syndicates does corrupt deals with the Empire, are they eventually going to discover that Maul is the secret leader of the organisation? It also makes me want to see the Siege of Mandalore even more, they've only teased it but it really sounds like a pivotal moment in Maul's story, and maybe it could even give us ideas on how he goes from losing Mandalore to going back to the criminal underworld. Heck, it could tie in with Ahsoka and maybe this is how they bring her into live action (think something like she's doing her Fulcrum stuff, but then she discovers Maul is in charge of Crimson Dawn and decides to try and make up for him escaping Mandalore), since Maul would need someone to fight given Ray Park is gonna want to have a lightsabre fight (though it would have to be interrupted again I guess because of the whole "RUNNING AWAY AGAIN, LADY TANO?" thing). :P I mean, it would have to be her, some unlicky Jedi fugitive (Quinlan Vos, maybe?) or some Inquisitors (maybe even with Vader) being sent after him if the Empire discovers his operation (maybe him losing to Crimson Dawn is even what gets him running again and gets him stuck on Malachor). There's so many ways Maul in Crimson Dawn could go, and it's really exciting. It's just... I'm not sure if this was the place to tease it, because now people will be expecting Maul in future movies and we don't even know what Lucasfilm is planning.
  • The world building is pretty cool, actually. Finally seeing Corellia was nice, and the stuff with Lady Proxima had a very Dickensian feel. The presence of the Empire was really felt across the film even if they were only minor antagonists. More of the criminal underworld was cool, of course there's lots of Easter Eggs everywhere for fans to pick up. Personally I liked how the Pykes showed up, though I guess only a few know how to speak basic. :P I kinda wish they more closely resembled their design from The Clone Wars, but it's cool to see everything connecting.
  • Production values were good as always. The Kessel Run was also pretty cool, especially in that one moment where the Falcon's engines fail as it's sucked into the Maw before boosting out. The Falcon got pretty beat up though lol.
Don't really have much else to say. If you want something lighter and more adventurous, you'll probably dig it. If you're looking for something more substantial, you probably don't have much to work with. But yeah the film is decent and worth seeing, even if it's weaker than all the other Disney/Kennedy era films we've gotten so far.


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